Holiday and Seasonal Savings

Holiday?  Did someone mention Holiday?  The name of my favorite show.  And I do mean my show!  How fondly I remember the years I spent working on that television mystery series with the fantastic Meg Barnes.  She was Jinx, I was The Magician, and together, sleuthing was sleuthed!  

(And you can read about Meg's further adventures here and here!)

In the fullness of time, we'll return to our regularly scheduled seasonal sale, but for now?  Magic!  From my cozy hearth in Ontario, I will browse the very thoughts coalescing in your consciousness... through the ether of the internet, no less.

I will need a volunteer from the audience.  And methinks... you.  Yes, you.  You had an accident as a child.  Not clear what it is, but it left a mark.  

Got your attention?

I said, you.  I never pretend when it comes to illusion.

Now, grab a pencil and paper.  Do they still make those?  Excellent.  

I need you to think of a four digit number where all of the digits are different.  Each digit must be between one and nine.  For instance, 1,234.  But be more original than that.  Write it down in the middle of the paper.  No, please, do not show me!  Ruins the effect, eh?

Now, take those four digits that made that number, and scramble their order so that you get a different number.  Had I 1,234, I might -- with equal unoriginality -- make it 4,321.  Now, if this new four-digit number is larger than the first one you wrote, write it down above the first one.

If smaller, write it below.  Either way, draw a line under these numbers, a minus sign to the left, and subtract.  The smaller from the larger, of course..  So, mine might look like:


-  1,234


 Now, take the resulting number, and add the individual digits together.  Let's say I got 748.  I would add the seven to the four to the eight.  That would give me nineteen.  No matter your result, keep adding the individual numbers together until you get a single number.  So, adding one and nine from the nineteen, I would get ten.  Adding that one and zed, I would get one.

But you did not get such a number.  

Your number... think hard... is... Eight!

No?  Well, the wifi is not the best.  I meant that most magical of numbers: three!  Not that, either.  Seven?  Pi?

Well, even a retired mage has his off days.  Welcome to mine.  Apologies.  To make up for it, here's a movie recommendation... click this link, and I shall see you in time!  Perhaps we will find the truth there.


Winston Sykes!