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From the Dark Shadows television series in the late 60s to a slew of other television series and movies, Kathryn 

HeadshotLeigh Scott has had (and still has) an exciting acting career.  We were honored to chat with her about her latest book, Jinxed: a Jinx Fogarty Mystery.

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We also had a great time talking to her about her years as a Playboy Bunny.  She has a memoir on this experience too.  

BookWhen Kathryn began writing she had to discover her voice, which she told us is humorous :) But, here is a huge tip that seemed to jump out at us as she was explaining just how she goes about it.  She draws on her acting skills to write and becomes the character.  She told us that she thinks in scenes and the dialogue comes quite easily.  So, your tip? Taking some acting classes because they could ultimately develop your writing skills!

Now, backed to Jinxed. Even though Jinxed is a standalone sequel to Down and Out in Beverly Heels, it’s interesting to note the treatment of actress Meg Barnes in both novels, and how disposable she seems to be in Hollywood’s eyes. In the first book Meg ends up homeless on the streets of Beverly Hills, and in Jinxed it’s assumed by the producers that she’s not integral to the reboot version of her old TV series.

Okay…you just have to hear our conversation with Kathryn, and of course, pick up a copy of her book!

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