JINXED wallpaper for your mobile device? Watch out... it's the dead giveaway that you have great taste in mysteries.

The Shadow gave magical rings to his network of helpers.  How else would they find each other? 

Jinx Fogarty hasn't exactly traded rings for ringtones, but this pixel-packed wallpaper for your mobile device might very well be her equivalent.  Are you a Friend of Fogarty?  Then make that mobile phone or tablet look its very best!

These are iPhone-sized, but with proper rehabilitation and a loving environment, should be swell for your other makes and models.  They are designed to work with the parallax effect of iDevice wallpaper.  If this isn't to your liking, you can disable the effect by turning off "perspective zoom" when selecting the wallpaper.  

The files are LARGE!  What you see below are sample links.  Click on them to get the free versions in full!

iPhone 5
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus*
iPads 3-Air 2
*Disclaimer... did the math on the size needed for the iPhone 6 Plus.  Its shape and size are due to the screen dimensions when turned either sideways or vertically.  However, I don't have an iPhone 6 Plus on me.  If there's anything wacky about it, let me, your humble webmaster, know at charltonx@me.com.  
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