Patricia Richardson Writes About "Last Dance at the Savoy"

When both spoke at CurePSP's Family Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area earlier this year, Kathryn and Patricia Richardson ("Home Improvement") found they had much in common. Aside from long-running, successful acting careers, their lives have both been tragically touched by PSP. Patricia's father passed away from it in 2005. Both Patricia and Kathryn are national spokespeople for CurePSP. Patricia was kind enough to read Kathryn's memoir about her husband's struggle with PSP, Last Dance at the Savoy and sent her endorsement:

"Last Dance at the Savoy is ultimately a love story about two people who live life to its fullest in the face of terminal illness. There is no journey more intimate, more arduous, more self-sacrificing than caring for a loved one―and with a spouse, more revealing of what true love is when roles change and one partner becomes more vulnerable and dependent."

--Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement) National Spokesperson for CurePSP

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