"Last Dance at the Savoy" Now Available!

Last Dance at the Savoy is now available on Amazon. Please order your paperback copy and kindly review on Amazon. Kathryn wants to hear your thoughts.

Read this poignant and honest story about how the little known prime-of-life disease PSP overtook Kathryn's idyllic life with husband Geoff Miller, and how caregiving your spouse is an especially hard challenge.

Early Praise for Last Dance at the Savoy:

"Last Dance at the Savoy is a moving chronicle of the daily struggle of caring for a spouse with a debilitating illness, full of honesty, vivid descriptions of emotional and physical challenges and keen observations leavened with wry humor. But it is so much more: Kathryn Leigh Scott has written a love story for the ages that will have universal appeal. This is a deeply affecting and inspirational book."

 -- David Kemp, President, CurePSP


"Last Dance at the Savoy is ultimately a love story about two people who live life to its fullest in the face of terminal illness. There is no journey more intimate, more arduous, more self-sacrificing than caring for a loved one―and with a spouse, more revealing of what true love is when roles change and one partner becomes more vulnerable and dependent."

--Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement), National Spokesperson for CurePSP


 "Last Dance at the Savoy is at once a delicate, moving love story balanced by a cautionary tale. Written with insight and compassion, we understand the struggle and courage required to face a debilitating disease attacking the person at the center of your life."

--Susan Sullivan, actress (“Castle”, “Dharma and Greg”)

A percentage of the proceeds from the book sales will go to CurePSP, for which Kathryn is a volunteer national spokesperson. 

Last Dance at The Savoy: Life, Love and Caring for Someone with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy by Kathryn Leigh Scott
ISBN: 978-0-9862459-2-3 | 334 pages, trade paperback | $15.95
ASIN:  B01BJ7DQBW | ISBN: 978-0-9862459-3-0 | 223 pages, Kindle | $9.99
Genres: Nonfiction | Health and Fitness | Caregiving

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