Marvelous Martinique!

What a fabulous Caribbean cruise with Marie Wallace, Jerry Lacy, Lara Parker and so many wonderful Dark Shadows fans! Lara and I had the amazing opportunity to visit Martinique together, the storied island birthplace of Angelique and Josette. In the ruins of the theater in Saint-Pierre, destroyed by an erupting volcano in 1902, we presented a fun enactment of what might transpire should Josette and Angelique encounter each other in spirit form . . . how great to act with Lara again!

I was also thrilled that my two brothers and their wives joined me on the cruise, along with my old friend, Hannah. I surprised my family by wearing our grandmother Martha's wedding dress (1912!) to portray Josette. My grandmother gave me the gown when I was 16 years old . . . it's in perfect condition (and fits!)  

The entire seven-day cruise -- capped off by a magnificent costume ball for all attendees -- was a joy  . . .  and such great fun!





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