Another great review for "JINXED"!

Following up on the fantastic Down and Out in Beverly Heels, Kathryn Leigh Scott puts her heroine’s life in danger in Jinxed. Meg is still trying to get back on her feet after being scammed by her second husband, so she’s thrilled to hear the series that made her a star is being revived. Unfortunately the show is being recast, but they do want to employ Meg to teach the new Jinx the trademark hat toss. Meg accepts as it’s a paycheck (her last project was an indie film directed by a high school kid) and could lead to more, but she never expected gunfire.

Jinxed works well as a standalone with Scott giving just enough of Meg’s backstory to fill in new readers while not boring those who read the first book. As with the first in the Meg Barnes series, the pacing here is terrific with plenty of twists and new developments abounding. There’s never a tedious moment, but there are great comedic bits as Meg continuously runs into people from her past as well as fans. Scott also naturally incorporates new insights in Meg’s life both past and present that allow Meg to be even more sympathetic than before.

Nicole Rogers


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