Kathryn Appears at CurePSP 2016 East Coast Family Conference

Kathryn will be signing and reading from her new book Last Dance at the Savoy at the upcoming CurePSP 2016 East Coast Family Conference. It takes place in Flushing, NY, March 11-12, 2016. Kathryn's appearance kicks off the conference on Friday, 3.30pm. Register for the conference here.

All the pictures above are from the recent CurePSP 2016 West Coast Family Conference held in the San Francisco Bay Area at which Kathryn spoke. 

The conference is a wonderful, supportive place to learn about the latest research and findings about PSP. Come meet and talk with other patients, family members and caregivers about the collective experience all are facing.  The most important takeaway: You are not alone!

Kathryn is a volunteer national spokesperson for CurePsP Foundation and a percentage of the proceeds from Last Dance at the Savoy will benefit the Foundation.

Photos (c) Doug Menuez/Stockland Martel.



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