Celebrate Dark Shadows 50

Loyal Dark Shadows fans are gathering at Tarrytown right now for the annual weekend-long celebration of the Show Kids Ran Home to Watch. This year is even more significant as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary. Be sure to celebrate at home on Monday, June 26 when Decades TV Network presents the first 12 Barnabas episodes, plus the feature documentary Through the Decades, in which Kathryn, Jonathan Frid and Lara Parker appear. This special programming will run multiple times throughout the day. Check here to see where you can watch Decades TV. A must-see for all Dark Shadows fans!

And if you want to learn more about this classic, influential show, be sure to check out Kathryn's informative book Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood (co-written with Jim Pierson) which shares background stories about the show from inception to the cast reunion in Tim Burton's feature Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp.


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