For the entire month of May, Amazon Kindle is offering Now With You, Now Without: My Journey Through Life and Loss for 99 cents. 

“Kathryn Scott’s story of connection and loss is deeply humanized by the messiness of love with all its imperfection, regret, and sweetness. The gift of a good relationship is what it teaches us about ourselves. We tell our stories so we are not so alone and read them for the same reasons. Present through it all from first glance to tender farewell and beyond, her lessons are all our lessons.” —Connell Cowan, PhD, author of Smart Women, Foolish Choices and Husbands and Wives: Exploding Marital Myths

“… Kathryn Leigh Scott takes the reader on a journey [upon which] none would choose to embark…However, we are willing to accompany her because the flow of her prose and the certain knowledge of where her story is headed give her an unusual grip on our imaginations…This book is many things: a set of instructions on the tips and traps of caregiving, a cautionary tale of the frustrations and unexpected moments of guilt that accompany watching one’s mate fade a little more each day, and, more than anything else, it is a love story, both inspiring and heartbreaking, of two people whose devotion to one another grew deeper as their days together grew fewer.” —Lara Parker, author of Dark Shadows: Heiress of Collinwood

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