Summer's here and the time is right for... reading on the beach! Or in the backyard! Or by the pool! Or on the plane!

Amazon is offering the summer perennial DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY  HEELS (Kindle) for 99 cents during June. This fast paced mystery thriller introduces amateur sleuth Meg Barnes, better known as the renowned TV detective Jinx Fogarty, as she tracks down the con husband who bankrupted her and left her homeless while she tries to climb out of the "has been" actors list. 

Publishers Weekly wrote: "Mystery and romance are craftily combined as Meg finds a new love interest in Jack, the FBI agent who investigated Paul’s disappearance. Scott gives the readers a first-hand view of the fickle nature of Hollywood in a fast-paced story complete with eccentric characters and a plethora of mysterious twists and turns."

From Booklist: "Scott... combines a classic story of love and loss spiced with mystery that will surely keep readers entertained until the very end."

Make sure your Kindle summer library is complete! Get your Kindle copy today.

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