Watching "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist"

I’d been told I ought to watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist... but knowing what it’s about, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. However, while “sheltering in place” on a sunny Wednesday morning, coffee cup in hand, I finally watched the first episode.

I can only tell you that the shock of recognition is almost unbearable. Amid all the truly extraordinary singing and dancing is the gut-wrenching reality of what it’s like to both have and to care for someone with progressive supranuclear palsy. Peter Gallagher looks such a lot like my husband, Geoff, and that’s hard... and dare I say, I saw my own manner of coping (and sometimes losing it) in Mary Steenbergen’s caregiving wife.

The show is pure genius, with song and dance the gateway to heartbreaking truths about our own humanity. I need a long walk now, and I wonder if the few people I’ll see on the street in these “extraordinary” times will break into the Beatles’ “Help! I Need You!”


Maggie (Mary Steenbergen) talks to daughter Zoey (Jane Levy) talk about Mitch's (Peter Gallagher) PSP condition.


 Trailer for the first season.


Maggie (Mary Steenbergern) sings "How Can  You Mend a Broken Heart"

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