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Kathryn Loves London, and London Loves JINXED!

Dateline: London, 2015
A quiet getaway to enjoy the print edition of the mystery sensation, JINXED?  That was the idea.  But the author finds herself besieged by the curious, supernatural, otherworldly, bronze, and hardworking people of London.  Never before has such a noble city been so eager to get JINXED!

Kathryn, Magnum, and The Black Orchid

Highlights from Kathryn's episode of Magnum, PI, "The Black Orchid."

Gallery from Peter Hunt's film, Assassination

Kathryn shares the screen with Charles Bronson, Star Trek alums Jill Ireland and Michael Ansara, under the direction of Peter Hunt, director of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.


Author, Author

Harvey: On the boards with Mr. Jimmy Stewart

Dark Shadows Memories