Television and Film Appearances

 2014Old Dogs & New Tricks (TV Series) 
Lillianne Carter
Homo for the Holidays (2014) ... Lillianne Carter
 2014Petals on the Wind (TV Movie) 
Society Lady
 2014Doctor Mabuse: Etiopomar 
Madame Von Harbau
 2013-2014The Goldbergs (TV Series) 
For Your Own Good (2014) ... Miriam
 2013The Rising Light 
 2013Doctor Mabuse 
Madame Von Harbau
 2012Dark Shadows 
Nurse Margaret Evans
 2006Huff (TV Series) 
Which Lip Is the Cervical Lip? (2006) ... Swanson
 1999CI5: The New Professionals (TV Series) 
Dr. Shepherd
Choice Cuts (1999) ... Dr. Shepherd
 1997One Eight Seven 
Anglo Woman
 1988-1990Jake and the Fatman (TV Series) 
Denise / Holly Poole
I Ain't Got No Body (1990) ... Denise
I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan (1988) ... Holly Poole
 1989-1990Matlock (TV Series) 
Janice Barelli / Judge Marla Cordante
The Talk Show (1990) ... Judge Marla Cordante
The Mayor: Part 2 (1989) ... Janice Barelli
The Mayor: Part 1 (1989) ... Janice Barelli
 199021 Jump Street (TV Series) 
A Change of Heart (1990) ... Margaret
 1989Dallas (TV Series) 
Bunny Harvard
The Great Texas Waltz (1989) ... Bunny Harvard
The Sound of Money (1989) ... Bunny Harvard
Yellow Brick Road (1989) ... Bunny Harvard
 1989Voice of the Heart (TV Movie) 
Arlene Mason
 1988Guns of Paradise (TV Series) 
Lucy Cord Carroll
The Promise (1988) ... Lucy Cord Carroll
The News from St. Louis (1988) ... Lucy Cord Carroll
 1988Mr. Belvedere (TV Series) 
Hooky (1988) ... Woman
 1988Probe (TV Series) 
Dr. Deanna Hardwick
Metamorphic Anthropoidic Prototype Over You (1988) ... Dr. Deanna Hardwick
 1988Knots Landing (TV Series) 
The Blushing Bride (1988) ... Architect
 1987Hotel (TV Series) 
Linda Anderson
Hail and Farewell (1987) ... Linda Anderson
 1986The Last Days of Patton (TV Movie) 
Jean Gordon
 1986The A-Team (TV Series) 
Sheriff Ann Plummer
The Little Town with an Accent (1986) ... Sheriff Ann Plummer
 1986Murrow (TV Movie) 
Janet Murrow
 1986Shadow Chasers (TV Series) 
Gwen Page
Let's Make a Deal (1986) ... Gwen Page
 1985Cagney & Lacey (TV Series) 
Barbara Cody
Play It Again, Santa (1985) ... Barbara Cody
 1984Call to Glory (TV Series) 
Elaine Farrell
Call It Courage (1984) ... Elaine Farrell
 1984Hardcastle and McCormick (TV Series) 
Lenore Alcott
Whistler's Pride (1984) ... Lenore Alcott
 1983Philip Marlowe, Private Eye (TV Series) 
Annie Riordan
Nevada Gas (1983) ... Annie Riordan
The King in Yellow (1983) ... Annie Riordan
The Pencil (1983) ... Annie Riordan
 1983Ryan's Four (TV Series) 
Ryan's Four (1983)
 1983The Renegades (TV Series) 
Julie Robinson
The Big Time (1983) ... Julie Robinson
 1983Tales of the Gold Monkey (TV Series) 
God Save the Queen (1983) ... Melodie
 1982CBS Afternoon Playhouse (TV Series) 
Kevin's Mother
Secret Agent Boy (1982) ... Kevin's Mother
 1982The Quest (TV Series) 
His Majesty, I Presume (1982) ... Jeri
 1982The Devlin Connection (TV Series) 
 1982Police Squad! (TV Series) 
 1980-1981The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (TV Series) 
 1981Shannon (TV Series) 
 1981Magnum, P.I. (TV Series) 
Christie DeBolt
The Black Orchid (1981) ... Christie DeBolt
 1981Dynasty (TV Series) 
The Chauffeur Tells a Secret (1981) ... Jennifer
Fallon's Wedding (1981) ... Jennifer
 1980Witches' Brew 
Susan Carey
 1980Hammer House of Horror (TV Series) 
Visitor from the Grave (1980) ... Penny
 1979The Chinese Typewriter (TV Movie) 
Toby Nash
 1979Big Shamus, Little Shamus (TV Series) 
Stephanie Marsh
The Abduction (1979) ... Stephanie Marsh
The Canary (1979) ... Stephanie Marsh
 1979The Incredible Hulk (TV Series) 
Gail Collins
A Solitary Place (1979) ... Gail Collins
 1979Quincy M.E. (TV Series) 
Laura Ramsey
A Small Circle of Friends (1979) ... Laura Ramsey
 1979Little House on the Prairie (TV Series) 
Belle Harrison
Blind Man's Bluff (1979) ... Belle Harrison
 1978Return of the Saint (TV Series) 
The Nightmare Man (1978) ... Gayle
 1978The Greek Tycoon 
Nancy Cassidy
 1978The Gypsy Warriors 
Lady Asten-Forbes
 1978Switch (TV Series) 
Detective Lyndel Ellis
Blue Crusaders Reunion (1978) ... Detective Lyndel Ellis
 1978Baretta (TV Series) 
The Dream (1978) ... Margaret
 1978Hawaii Five-O (TV Series) 
My Friend, the Enemy (1978) ... Jemilla
 1977BBC2 Play of the Week (TV Series) 
Michael's sister
Exiles (1977) ... Michael's sister
 1977Space: 1999 (TV Series) 
Dorzak (1977) ... Yesta
Miss Boon
 1975Edward the King (TV Series) 
President Buchanan's Niece
The New World (1975) ... President Buchanan's Niece (uncredited)
 1975Late Call (TV Mini-Series) 
Shirley Egan
Episode #1.4 (1975) ... Shirley Egan
Miss Allen
 1974Dial M for Murder (TV Series) 
Melissa Vardon
Firing Point (1974) ... Melissa Vardon
 1974The Wide World of Mystery (TV Series) 
Come Die with Me (1974) ... Suzy
 1974Marked Personal (TV Series) 
Diana Spear
Episode #1.42 (1974) ... Diana Spear
Episode #1.41 (1974) ... Diana Spear
 1974The Turn of the Screw (TV Movie) 
Miss Jessel (as Kathryn Scott)
 1973Harriet's Back in Town (TV Series) 
Louisa Vernon
Episode #1.102 (1973) ... Louisa Vernon
Episode #1.101 (1973) ... Louisa Vernon
 1973Crime of Passion (TV Series) 
Gerard (1973) ... Gabrielle
 1966-1970Dark Shadows (TV Series) 
Maggie Evans / Maggie Evans Collins / Opening Voiceover / ...