January 26th is JINXED DAY!



It's no illusion!  It's the truth!

Down and Out in Beverly Heels was only the beginning.  Get ready for Jinxed!

On January 26, Kathryn Leigh Scott's new installment in the adventures of Meg "Jinx Fogarty" Barnes will be released in bookstores and for e-readers everywhere.  Meg rose to stardom playing the crime-solving magician's assistant, Jinx Fogarty, twenty years ago.  Now, she's back for the remake... brought in to train her replacement?  And in what?

No grand illusionist is complete without his top hat, snapping open in the wink of an eye.  But can he do so while nimbly rolling it down his arm?  Standing on one leg?  With bullets whizzing overhead?  That skill is the domain of his assistant, and none raised to an art quite like Jinx Fogarty.

Now, YOU may become the owner of such a snazzy chapeau.  On January 26th, to celebrate the release of Jinxed, we will give away a magician's trick top hat -- autographed by author Kathryn Leigh Scott -- to one lucky winner!

Will it be you?  How can you enter?  

It's simple, and there's no purchase necessary.  Simply send an e-mail including your name and the best means of contacting you... in case you're the winner.  On January 26th, a name will be randomly drawn, and the one-of-a-kind, autographed, commemorative (and darned sophisticated) top hat will go to one lucky reader.

Why wait?  

Send an e-mail to kathrynleighscottwebsite@gmail.com, and let's see what we can conjure!

Entries restricted to those with mailing addresses within the United States and Canada.