The Fugitive Recaptured by Ed Robertson

Foreword by Barry Morse
Introduction by Stephen King

… absolutely the best series done on American television… — Stephen King, from his introduction to The Fugitive Recaptured

“The Fugitive” (ABC-TV, 1963-67) starred David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, a man wrongly convicted of his wife’s murder and sentenced to die. After a freak accident enabled him to escape, Kimble searched for the real killer — a mysterious one-armed man — while trying to avoid recapture by the determined police detective Lt. Philip Gerard. Kimble at last confronted the one-armed man in the final episode (August 29, 1967), one of the highest rated broadcasts in TV history.

Yet “The Fugitive” almost did not make it on the air. Series creator Roy Huggins nearly abandoned his idea because everyone he consulted found it repulsive. But “The Fugitive “continues to thrive as one of the most popular series in American television history. Anyone who watched “The Fugitive” could feel for Dr. Kimble, because everyone has felt the sting of a false accusation or an unjust punishment.

The Fugitive Recaptured provides a lively behind-the-scenes history of this Emmy Award winning series. The book includes recollections from many key participants, including Barry Morse (Lt. Gerard), Jacqueline Scott (Donna Kimble Taft), series creator Roy Huggins, and producers Alan Armer and George Eckstein.

The insightful commentary of best-selling novelist Stephen King, a devoted and longtime fan of the show, provides The Fugitive Recaptured with an added dimension.

“The Fugitive was at the time (and still is, when you see the reruns) absolutely the best series done on American television. There was nothing better than ‘The Fugitive’ — it just turned everything on its head,” says Stephen King.

“Everyone I consulted about ‘The Fugitive’ hated the idea — they found it offensive and distasteful. One man called it `a slap in the face of American justice.’ But the American people never saw a thing wrong with it,” says Roy Huggins.

“I really enjoyed ‘The Fugitive,’ and I just adored working with David Janssen. I’m so glad to see that there’s now a book that tells the story behind this wonderful series,” says Jacqueline Scott.

“By the scrupulous research and tasteful presentation of his book, Ed Robertson has created a brilliant record of one of the outstanding achievements of television history, of which I for one am proud to have been a part. It will fascinate viewers of all generations,” says Barry Morse.

Ed Robertson adapted The Fugitive Recaptured for a three-hour audiobook (two 90-minute audiocassettes) presentation narrated by Barry Morse, Jacqueline Scott and series creator Roy Huggins.

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