Valentine's Day Gift Sampler


$ 39.95 

Two autographed portraits depicting Barnabas' eternal love for Josette... and sometimes Maggie.
One personally inscribed volume of Ms. Scott's novel depicting a Gothic soap with which the nation fell head-over-heels.

Some would call this personally-selected gift collection a rare, heartfelt opportunity.

They would be right.

Some would call this trio of marvelous memorabilia a smashing opportunity for collectors.

They would also be right.

And I, your humble webmaster, call it a litmus test.  If the object of your affection -- Platonic or otherwise -- doesn't beam with affection and quite probably smother you with kisses?  

I won't tell you to move on.  But, well, try to find other reasons to love them, anyway, and keep the fabulous items for yourself!  You're worth it!